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Blondie: Parallel Lines = Perfection.

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Just pure awesomeness from start to finish. Altho they became megastars, they were very much " new wave" when this came out in 1978 and I have worn out so many copies of this ist ridiculous.

Strangly, their biggest hit was heart of glass" from this album which was picked up by the disco scene, I guess because of the 16th note feel to it,but even that song was different from most anything in it's time.

Between Blondie, The Knack and Cheap Trick, I think power pop found it's perfection. It certainly found three of the best drummers in that Genre, Clem Burke drives every song on Parallel lines with just a renentless perfection.

New wave at its finest:


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The song that really " ruined" the album because it got so much airplay many people ignored the other better songs on the tracklist. But another perfect pop song that got hijacked by the disco crowd because of its 16th note feel, even tho it isn't 16th note at all.


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