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Neko Mock - With Alternate Trade Down Mock


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* a bit long-winded - i enjoy details.

The roster TD has put together shows no glaring needs going into the draft. He has anchored himself to the ship by showing confidence in the majority of the team being retained. Either it will backfire badly and more busts will be exposed, OR the players will find themselves flourishing under great coaching and more appropriate schemes befitting their talent. I am a believer of the latter. Our current guys will show up in a new way this year. LT could be argued as a big current weakness, but as with other positions/re-signings there is an undeniable confidence coming out of FB that our new coaches can maximize the talent we already have. Most positions already have starters entrenched, or at least strong competition in place. Therefore I see this draft as collecting high-potential developmental players for Nolan, Koetter & Hill to shape for the near future, with some being able to contribute right away in small roles. Of these 2 mocks I prefer the trade down because the roster gets filled out with great talent/potential at more positions.




Straight-up mock:

2 Brandon Thompson DT 6'2", 314, 5.15, 35 reps

very strong, active and violent pocket disrupter. takes on double teams regularly. powerful and productive tackler - finds the ball well. can play DT or NT in 4-3 or 3-4. Not effective at getting to the quarterback, but consistently pressures the pocket and occupies multiple blockers to allow others to make plays. could be an elite force.

3 Josh Norman CB/FS 6', 197, 4.66

long-armed press corner with size, athleticism and ball skills. tremendous ball hawking ability. routinely makes acrobatic INTs. great at jumping routes. physical and competitive player. matches up very well with big athletic WRs & TEs. does not have elite long speed, but has excellent short area explosion and can stick with his man. let him attack the WR at the LOS with help over the top so he can be free to play the ball. also has the tools to be a very good FS. has an ego that Nolan will break & put in line. gives us a strong secondary (talent-wise) and flexibility with Grimes this year or next year. needs tackling technique and to keep his mouth shut.

5 James Hanna TE 6'4", 252, 4.46, 24 reps

I see us strongly adding the 2-TE scheme to our offense in 2013 when we pick from a deep class of top-shelf TEs. This year we draft a TE project - someone who will benefit the most from TG's tutelage. Hanna is considered by some to have the best natural receiving ability of any TE in this draft. he has exceptional speed and quickness. his blocking and route running need technique work - TG's most impressive skills. he will become a 'move' TE/HB who may only be a receiving threat the first year. his fire/desire to block is currently an unknown (to me). production was low because he was doubled often and there was a lot of talent to spread the ball around to. a very high ceiling.

6 Kellen Moore QB 6', 197, 4.94

Koetter designed/installed the offense at Boise St that Moore was so successful with. yes, he is short. yes, he has minimal arm strength. on the other hand… his football IQ is off the charts; he was extremely productive in the system installed by Koetter; his accuracy is as close to perfect as one can get (52/53 in drills). despite his arm strength he has the accuracy and intelligence to excel in a vertical timing offense. he would be a great backup to Ryan and at the beginning will help a lot with the new scheme translation/implementation. might be the ideal game manager to step in if Ryan has to sit.

7 Myles Wade DT/NT 6'1", 312, 5.23, 1.77 10yd, 42 reps, VJ 35", BJ 9'1", 3cn 7.59, SSh 4.70

A top prep player who persevered a tough personal road to keep playing ball. a recent board favorite and info is still sparse. a strong, explosive & passionate player. let's get 2 big boys.

7 EJ Nduka DE/OLB 6'5", 252, 4.47, VJ 42", BJ 10'6", SSh 4.34

I feel we are looking for something specific at OLB/DE -> a DE with top-shelf pass rush potential who also has the quickness and hip-flexibility for coverage as an OLB (not a pure 3-4 OLB). a hybrid 5-tech that can rush as a hand-in-the-dirt 4-3 DE from either side. Nduka is a major project and I have major questions about why he mostly DNP the last 2 years for a championship team. that said he is worth a look to maybe uncover an attacking DE/OLB with elite length and athleticism. can rush from L or R DE. has the quickness to be good in coverage and has elite top speed. physical specimen project. very little experience. only a few scouts checked him out (we were there). Mean Joe Greene put him through private drills.

FA Cody Pearcy WR/PR 5'10", 162, 4.31, 10yrd 1.47, VJ 44", BJ 10'6", 3c 6.67, SSh 3.76 ("the fastest time in recent NFL history.")

off the chart measurables for speed, quickness and explosion. was highly productive and can definitely catch well. would add electricity & a down field threat to the passing attack as a #4/5. will compete for PR duties. we need to find a late round gem for WR & PR competition. TD is enamored by explosive & fast measurables with his developmental projects.

FA Gino Gradkowski C/G 6'3", 300

athletic interior OL who is very good blocking in the second level and on the move. a tough, passionate, durable leader. future back-up C/G mentored by McClure. needs weight & strength.




If an elite player we are looking at does not fall to us I would prefer moving around in the draft in order to target more mid-round favorites.

2 trade down mock:

TRADE #55 for 68 & 100 -ish.

TRADE #68 for 81 & 113 -ish.

3(81) Josh Norman CB/S

3(87) Robert Turbin RB 5'1", 222, 4.48, 28 reps, VJ 36", BJ 10'2", 3cn 7.17, SSh 4.34

Yes, we currently have a full stable of RBs, but I find it unlikely Turner will play with us after this season and I think it's ok to pick one up now to be groomed as the thunder to Roger's lightning. Turbin is a BEAST. Marshawn Lynch-like BEAST. fast and powerful. a violent runner. he compiled 23 total TDs (19 rush) this past year. has great hands - catches away from frame. runs good routes. great in pass protection. Turbin is the perfect compliment to Roger's running style. why not grab him now.

4(100) Brandon Mosley OT 6'5", 314, 5.25, 1.75 10yrd, 30 reps, 3cn 7.43 (3rd best), SSh 4.78

A converted TE/DE who is very raw. athletic. great size, long arms, big hands. strong and very nasty. played mostly RT. 2 game attempt at LT didn't work out, but he quite possibly has the quickness and agility to protect the blindside. needs a lot of polish. a player to groom with LT starter potential. would be a devastating lead on screens.

4(113) Nick Jean-Baptiste DT/NT 6'1", 335

a NT in 4-3 or 3-4. has excellent burst off the line to knife gaps. at East-West he "was like a bowling ball, rolling through offensive linemen to cause disruption in the backfield. Every linemen that went against him had problems with his bull rush." great character. tough, durable. a better pass rusher than most of the NT's this year.

5(151) James Hanna TE

6(183) Kellen Moore QB

7/FA(215) Myles Wade DT/NT

7/FA(comp) EJ Nduka DE/OLB


Cody Pearcy WR/PR

Gino Gradkowski C/G

I like Brandon Thompson a lot, but would much rather have Turbin AND Mosley AND Jean-Baptiste instead.

Good developmental depth is added to nearly every position group.

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I definitely want more tape on Wade before i want to draft him. I have yet to see any game film on him.

I wasn't a big fan of Hanna at first, but I wouldn't mind having him. I definitely agree that we will run more 2 TE sets. Atleast I hope we do.

ditto on the Wade film. but for a 7th rd pick they can see first hand. although he might shoot up the boards a little.

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