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Will The Falcons Rid Of The Penalty Bug Tha Ate Up Their Offensive Drive In 2011


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If any of you are familiar with Locusts and what they have the potential to do than we can all come to the conclusion that they are not the BFFs in a farmers agricultural environment as they can eat a farmer out of economical existence if that is how the farmer makes his living.

Well I would say that our offense has definitely experienced their share of locust during some offensive drives that I can remember yelling at the TV about. now I'm not going to get to deep into the stats but I will share a few according to my findings in PFF and it is not good for a team looking to be elite in this league quote on quote the greatest show on turf so to speak.

I'm only going to share the total amount of penalties and how it may or may not have effected us against the elite.

According to PFF our offense committed 53 penalties just on offense alone but 7 of those were either declined or offset by other penalties or the coach of the other team would benefit not excepting the penalty that may provide him with a better opportunity for his team in that game so here we go.

ATL vs. CHI week 1

4 penalties just from our offense alone we lost that game


Now one could argue this one seeming as though CHI fail apart

down the stretch but would there even be a Falcons playoff game to speak of

had not Cutler gone out with injury?

But was 7-5 before that injury and making a strong push to the post season.

ATL vs GB week 5

4 penalties


Green bay goes to a 15-1 record

ATL- DET week 7

Now the Falcons committed 7-1 penalties in this game but they won I have to give the D partial credit for bailing us out in this game they were on it that day.


NO-ATLweek 10

4 penalties

are we seeing a trend here?


HOU- ATL week 13

6 penalties


NO-ATLweek 16

5 penalties

45-16 we got smacked and Brees broke the passing record on us that night.

Now regardless if it was frustration or what ever the case may be I don't see us beating any elite team if we continue this but I'm hoping the new coaches can put some pest control on this situation going into 2012 how about you? Now in 2010 we only according to PFF committed 39-7 the 7 is the ones that were declined or offset.

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Guest Fibonacci


So an average of 3 a week?

2 of the weeks slightly above our average. 2 not so good weeks above our average. And one horrible week. BUT.....i like to know how many were below our average?

Anyhow 3 a game is not something to be screaming "omg penalties are going to be the death of us".

I wonder what the average is for the other teams?

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Penalties are more of a "HEADGAME" than anything else. It seems when a team starts to make a couple mistakes, they think about it more and more until they do it again and again.

I think with more consistency in our play and more confidence in the play calling between players and coaches, the penalties will see a signifigant decrease.

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Guest Negatorris

Those penalties versus the Saints were more mental than anything. The offense was moving fairly well against the Saints, until the defense finally gave way and the offense was forced into mistakes because they had to try and ply catch-up.

Also the defense had two penalties that cost us two games.

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