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The Falcons Workout Nt Josh Chapman Alabama


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I dont understand that either. I love the fact that we get leaders who were productive for years in college but taking a chance on guys with injury history hoping that they will just become immune to them is crazy.

I love Julio and W. Moore but I knew that both guys would never make it through a whole season, hope they prove me wrong. P. Jerry has been the biggest dissapointment especially considering that our 3rd rounder has outplayed him(C. Peters)

i wouldnt trade willy mo for any safety arounf his age... Willy mo only had oone injury season in college... He said it himself when he was a rookie in TC... He played through a lot of injuries.. his timing for injuries was horrible but he isnt injury prone...

Julio is the same.. a lot of nicks but nothing serious.. when both players are on the field their impacts are felt.. thats all that matters at the end of the day..

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Chapman is a bit shorter than I like with what seem to be narrow shoulders, so he won't gain much weight. Good strength but average quickness from what I could tell. He stayed on his feet ok but he did dog it on that one play when the QB ran to the flat then ran upfield, if Chapman had run faster that QB would not have been able to run upfield like he did.

Looks like a solid prospect but not a second rounder.

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Sounds really good and all, but I'm just a little bit risk averse about going after DL with knee problems.. It can just so easily go wrong, at it is pretty much a gamble. Just look at Jerry.

That said, I think he looks like a good player that could be very useful for us.

Did Jerry have knee problems at Ole Miss?

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