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A Defensive Scheme Change May Not Be A Bad Thing


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Now I name saying that our defense needs to convert to a wide 9 but it definitely benefited some guys on this defense in 2011. Trent Cole and Jason Babin were train wreckers within this scheme just ask Sam Baker. Now it was rough for them in the beginning they couldn't stop a nose bleed when it came to the run Turner was among some of the backs that gashed them but towards the end Castillo's job was saved because they started hiting their stride at the end.

For a scheme that turned out looking like it would spell doom for Reid and DC Castillo is making them look like geniuses and yes we have to see Trent and the boys in Philly in 2012 . If you will notice what I have done is organize the players by their rating according to the production they put out in the pass rush.

PFF has the Eagles graded out in 2011 as the #1 team on defensive when it came to being productive in the pass rush and they got some pass rush out of these guys. There are at least 13 guys with trent and Babin leading the way with a 35.2 and 31.0 rating that gave positive grades in rushing the passer.

The talk is that our scheme will change and if the new scheme gives us anything close to these results with just our front 4 teams will have trouble. Trent was giving the must production over the past four years with a 15.8 rating from 2008-10 but when they just the scheme he doubled that production in 2011 I'm just saying you be the judge.

I would like to share the chart from PFF but on my original post it didn't work if someone can help me on how to copy it from PFF to share it would be much appreciated

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Guest Fibonacci

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all wanted a scheme change especially a 3rd down scheme change.

you spoke for me. thanks

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There's no such thing as a wide 9 "scheme." Wide 9 is just short hand for the technique the defensive line plays in any scheme that has four down linemen(such as the 4-3), primarily referring to the DEs. It's like saying there is a "slants" scheme on offense.

The "wide 9" alignment puts your defensive ends in a great position to rush the passer, but it puts a lot of stress on the interior of your defense, i.e., your DTs and LBs. We probably could have pulled it off last year, but without Curtis Lofton and his ability to stuff the middle, I question whether or not we could pull this off.

The Colts were a perfect example of employing this with their old Tampa 2 defense, both in the pros and cons.

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