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18-Year-Old Victim Of Gang-Rape Dies In Ukraine

Mr. Hoopah!

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Truly awful story.


An 18-year-old Ukranian woman died today, two weeks after her grisly rape set off protests across the country against corruption and favoritism toward the wealthy.

VIDEO: Oksana speaks with her mother in the hospital

The English-language Kyiv Post says Oksana Makar died in a hospital in Mykolayiv in southern Ukraine.

Police say Oksana was gang-raped by three men in the apartment of one of the suspects on March 9. The men then tried to cover up the attack by trying to strangle her, setting her on fire, then dumping her to die at an abandoned construction site, the newspaper says.

A passer-by found her the next morning and got her to a hospital, where she was found to have burns over more than 55% of her body, the Post says.

Doctors had to amputate her feet and one arm to stop the gangrene. She was also bleeding in her lungs, the newspaper says.

The crime outraged Ukrainians with its cruelty, the Associated Press reports, and galvanized a society frustrated with official corruption after police released two of the suspects who had powerful connections in the region.

The release led to nationwide protests, which prompted the authorities to re-arrest the two suspects, the AP says.

Interior Ministry Volodymyr Polishchuk says today that after Makar's death all three suspects have been charged with murder in addition to rape, the AP says.

The public was particularly incensed after a video of the interrogation of one of the suspects was leaked on the Internet.

Here's how the Post describes the video:

...(T)he suspect, apparently Krasnoschek, describes calmly how he raped and then choked the woman first with his hands and then with a cable. He claims he didn't set the woman on fire after the three men – thinking she was dead – took her body to an abandoned building nearby.

He says he was only trying to burn a pillowcase they had accidentally taken with them. According to the video, after disposing of Makar, the three suspects went to the supermarket to buy more vodka and, after that, stopped at a street kiosk for tea.

Last week, Oksana's mother recorded a short video of her daughter saying she wants her rapists to be castrated and imprisoned, the Post reports.

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