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I Imagine The Conversation Went Like This

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Players or Coaches?

TD - "Smitty, I've been racking my brain over films and I can't tell if we simply don't have the talent, or if they're not being placed in a position to succeed by the coordinators."

MS - "Yeah, same here. I see a lot of instances where players make exceptional plays even though by all rights they were not in a good position to make that play. Other times I see them bungle an obvious assignment."

TD - "Well we gotta do SOMETHING cause Arthur's not gonna go for us standing pat."

MS - "But if we replace a few players, and maybe only one coach, and don't succeed, it will still be hard to determine what's the problem. We'll be in the same position next year. It's almost like we need a 'controlled experiment' "

TD - "Ok, then why don't we let go of BOTH coordinators and a few position coaches this year, and see how it goes. If it works, great. If not, it will at least buy us another year before we have to overhaul the roster."

MS - "Well, you're the boss. But that's gonna make it tough to make a splash in free agency cause we have so many of our own hitting the market"

TD - "You let me worry about that."

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