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How The Loss Of Lofton Will Help The Atlanta Falcons

Guest fibonacci

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Guest Fibonacci

Now that we have come to terms that Curtis Lofton is... going... to... some different team, we may be able to feel better about this. Submitted for your commentary, this move will hinder the Saints, improve our pass defense, and is the most logical move considering our lack of cap space.

The Saints Seem to be Building for Now. Entering free agency with limit cap space and a franchised quarterback, the Saints signed big name players like Marques Colston, Curtis Lofton, Ben Grubbs and Broderick Bunkley. These players appeared to sign cap friendly contracts, with larger signing bonuses and smaller base salaries in their first two years.

This is a great way to be in cap **** in another two seasons without even signing their franchise quarterback. It also begs the question, "Why would you build for a season without your head coach?" The Saints are forced to make some moves to replace a number of losses without many draft picks, but they did not add depth with cheap players.

Pass Defense. Atlanta has consistently been at the bottom of the league in third down defense, in part because Curtis Lofton being a two down linebacker (per Mike Nolan). Atlanta would be better served by subbing out a thumper type linebacker in nickel formations instead of removing Stephen Nicholas, who is pretty solid in coverage. I am not sure how our nickel will look next year, whether Spoon is moved to the middle, Akeem Dent is subbed out, or Lofa Tatupu remains in the lineup.

With Loomis saying Jonathan Vilma will return next year, the Saints will have a pretty terrible core of pass coverage players between these two linebackers and Roman Harper. I had originally expected Vilma to be cut, which makes it very interesting Loomis said Vilma will be back, as opposed to usual GM speak like, "We will evaluate the position." It is believed they may move Lofton to the outside but I am not sure why. Expect Atlanta to go pass heavy after New Orleans lost a starting corner, and the lack of pass coverage or pass rushing players.

Atlanta Made the Value Pick. Thomas Dimitroff had the option of either franchising Curtis Lofton or Brent Grimes. If the market showed anything, it is that corners are in high demand, costing about $10+ million a year, while run stuffing linebackers are receiving significantly less.

After Lofton was set free, it made sense why we dropped a 3rd round pick on a run stuffing linebacker last year, despite having a complete lack of picks. The drop off in impact may be negligible, with Dent having a little more speed than Lofton. Dent comes in without an injury history after having a Pro Bowl worthy season on special teams. Considering how little cap space Atlanta is working with, we had to see at least one quality player leave. Lofton seems to make the most sense as being the odd man out.

Get more great Atlanta Falcons news and analysis over at The Grits Blitz.

is this the same Gritz here? if so why do you not post this stuff here as well? LOL

I underlined some key things here.

I have been telling everyone how we need to be doing more pass coverage then running. not only is RB's a less of a need, but look at our division. tell me what team had a RB that could break over a thousand yards rushing???

-saints had 2 guys barely break 500

-panthers had a two 700 guys and one who had over 800

-Buccaneers had one who did 700

That is it. we never really did get truly tested on our running game. sure our stats said we were amazing at our running game, but in all honesty we were never trully tested like other teams.

A big plus is the fact we have a player who can get over 1000 easy. that means we really get to test them.

also nothing against lofton or any player who has a 100 + tackles. but what is that saying? I mean really what does that say? It says that they are scared of what we have every where else. and they really tested us on 3rd downs.

-also the same goes semi for sacks as well. you can say hey we got a guy who can get 10+ sacks a season.....ummmm ok well what about 59-69 other times per game? (average plays are between 60-70, according to the 2009 season). that is just half a sack per game. I think I would rather face the guy who gets the one sack then to face someone like biermann who can take on two guys at once, and sometimes still put pressure on you.

Don't get me wrong I loved lofton. but now that he is gone I am taking a look at what he did and what he said while being here. I am not trying to find a reason to hate him cause he betrayed us. But when I sit back and think, "well what does a hundred tackles a season mean"?

anyhow we need to work more and more to become hybrid. We are going to get to keep testing the other teams in our division with a running game, while we are going to be able to exceed in deffence knowing we'll have really good odds with having a hybrid or 3-4 scheme.

The falcons get to take on people who generally love to pass, while the rest of them will get to face us who generally does average in passing and excels in rushing. Falcons get to keep the same scheme, while the taints, panties and man tucks have to swap up there scheme to face us.

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