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So, based on the review I read, I decided to check out this movie and stumbled upon the Atlanta Film Festival yesterday.

For you out there who love pure drama, a family conflict, no-nonsense, great dialogue type of movie, I highly recommend this one. I'm not giving it any kind of two-thumbs up, must-see, or anything like that. It is not for everybody.

But if you want to see just an everyday, typical type story unfold, then go see this one.

I smuggled my box of chocolate-covered raisins in with me, and totally forgot to even EAT the things!

It's an independent film if I'm not mistaken. Thus the lack of cinematic quality is evident. Still, it was decently done/produced.

Can't quite understand how a Susan Sarandon got talked into being in it. Perhaps she understands and appreciates the efforts of the little man/woman moviemakers. I'd never heard of any of the other main characters except for Rae D. Chong.

Parts of the movie are a bit "Hollywoodish." But overall ... well ... it made me forget about my chocolate-covered raisins.



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Yep, but I'd still love to see it. And if Susan Sarandon pops up naked in the next 20 years I'll gladly line up to check that out too.

After seeing Diane Keaton naked in Something's Gotta Give I have to say that any desire I may have had to see movie star GILFs without their clothes on has completely escaped me.

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