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Just Read This And Found It Interesting


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I was reading a book about random scientific facts, "Dunk Your Biscuit Horizontally 106 Strange Scientific Facts," and ran across this strange but relevant fact.

Wrestle, Box and Play Football in Red

"Does the colour of your strip affect the result of the match?

That is what anthropologists at the University of Durham

asked themselves. They watched carefully the matches of

the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. They concentrated on

boxing, tae kwon do, Greek-Roman wrestling and freestyle

wrestling. For these matches the participants are randomly

given a red or a blue costume. Curiously, participants in red

won all three sports more often than those wearing blue.

But what about team sports? To fi nd the answer to this

question, the researchers watched the 2004 European football

cup. They looked at the results of fi ve teams with a red strip

that had also played wearing another colour in the same

competition. What did they fi nd? In their 'red' matches all fi ve

teams performed better, especially where the number of goals

were concerned. How can this be? Animals associate red with

masculinity, anger, aggression and testosterone, and so the

researchers suspected that humans also react strongly to this

colour. Their conclusion was that a red strip unconsciously

fills the opposing team with angst and therefore affects their

performance negatively."

Barton, R. A. & Hill, R. A. 'Red enhances human performance

in contests' in Nature 435 (2005), p. 293

Red unis with black falcon it is!

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lol thought this was cool as well... reminds me of the taints game last year at the pooperdome.

Go to the Stadium

(and the Ref Will Be On Your Side)

Referees are expected to be unbiased. Still, it seems they let

themselves be infl uenced by the shouting from the crowds,

says Thomas Dohmen of the German research centre IZA.

From analysis of 3,591 Bundesliga matches he discovered

that referees decide in favour of the home team remarkably

often: If the home team is one down at the end of regular play

then the referee allows another 20 seconds of play; 20 more

than if the home team is ahead by a goal. They are also more

likely to give the home team a dubious goal or penalty.

But is this because of the jeers and cheers of the crowd in

the stadium? Definitely, because referees particularly whistled

in the home team’s favour when the opposition had little

support in the stadium.

What’s more, the positioning of the stands plays a role. Are

the supporters sitting close to the pitch? Then the referee is

more inclined to decide in favour of the home team than if

there is more distance; for example, if there is an athletics

track around the pitch. So the closer the crowd, the more the

ref lets himself be infl uenced.

Dohmen, T. J. ‘Social pressure infl uences decisions of

individuals: evidence from the behaviour of football referees’

IZA Discussion Paper 1595 (2005)

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