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Too Many Forums

Herr Doktor

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You could manage with:

1. TATF (sticky training camp observations during TC; suggestions sticky)

2. Draft/Free Agency

3. Rivals Central + Around the league (merged)

4. Gameday Forum (merged dome field, gameday, tailgating, roadtrip)

5. College

6. Other Sports (Braves, hawks etc.)

7. Anything but Football (sticky fantasy football, madden and gif/photoshop creation threads)

8. Anything but logic (dumping ground)

9. Thread Hall of Fame (can't post in, read-only)

That takes 21 forums and condenses into 9 with no loss of functionality.

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I have to agree. I was about to start another topic on something similar. Not only are there to many forums. There are to many groups of forums. No reason to go back twice to switch forum groups. I think the simple idea is to consolidate the 3 into 2 or even 1. It isnt hard to scroll down.

I also would like you to change the code so when I hit < - back it leaves the thread as read. Its just for simple annoyance. I think this is the only site I go to that does this. When I hit back , it should still be listed as read. I read it.

Thanks guys and gals ! wub.png

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