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Short Analysis On Each O And D Unit, Draft Possibilities


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Safeties: After signing DeCoud, the safety position is solid with DeCoud and Moore starting. No need to sign any high round draft picks for this position. This is a good thing since the S position is shallow this year. A late round backup is possible.

Corners: Placing the Franchise Tag on Grimes shows the FO is dedicated to him playing CB for us this year. Robinson should be revived under a new coordinator. Franks, Walls, and Owens provide 3, 4, and 5 options for now. I could see a CB being taken if Grimes is being troublesome, otherwise, I dont see a significant need for any early CB picks. A late round depth pick is possible but doubtful.

Linebackers: MLB is the weak spot of the LB unit if Lofton doesn't come back. I'm assuming he doesn't come back and a platoon of Dent and Tatupu is used this year. No high picks used here. Depth may be added in later rounds, but a hybrid defense may mean some DEs will become depth for both DE and LB erasing the need to add any this draft.

D-Ends: Re-signing Abe and Beirmann, and the potential emergence of Sidbury after his strong 2011 season means DE is no longer the top priority. But with Abe's age, and the uncertainty surrounding Beirmann and Sid's ability to produce as a starter, DE would be a good choice to spend a high pick on. A 2nd round DE probably wont have double digit sacks in his rookie season, but adding him to our stable of potential DE starters will increase our chances of having a starting DE rise from our ranks rather than having to draft one with a 1st round pick or give one a big FA contract. A DE could be take with one of the high round picks.

D-Tackles: None of the DTs are able to consistently collapse the pocket outside of maybe Babineaux. Choosing a really big DT in the 2nd or 3rd round this year would benefit the entire Dline. Definite possibility for one of the high picks.

O-Line: The O-Line is tricky. There are mixed reviews on Hawley, but he was drafted by TD and TD is loyal, so I'm going to say either he or McClure will be starting at C this year. After the signing of Manuwai, I'm going to say either he Mike Johnson or Andrew Jackson will be starting at RG this year. RT is Clabo, LG is Blalock. All signs are pointing to either Baker or Svitek starting at LT this year. The only way I see a draft pick being spent here is if we trade our 2 high picks to move up for a LT(which shouldn't happen IMO). Before we signed Manuwai, RG would be a perfect choice for one of the high picks(2nd or 3rd round), but a 4 way battle at RG is unlikely. Using a high pick(or both high picks) on the O-Line is possible, but unlikely.

Tight End: It would be great to have an understudy for Tony Gonzalez, but if that was important to the coaching staff they would have done it by now. Palmer was resigned. Slim possibility any pick will be used on a TE.

Receiver: Receiver is the strongest position. Late round pick is possible for replacing Weems.

Quarterback: Matt Ryan isn't going anywhere and Redman has been resigned. A late round pick is possible for depth and development.

Runningback: The offensive backfield is another well stocked area. Rodgers will be a key element, Snelling will be a quality 3rd back, and Turner will continue to be the focal point. With Rodgers looking good, Snelling being resigned, and Smith and Nance waiting on the bench, no picks should be used here this year.


I've gone through each position and tried to think of it from TD and the coaching staffs point of view, both as a business and competitively.

It seems the most likely positions to receive the attention of our 2nd and 3rd round picks are DE, DT, or the O-line.


-Personally, I think the O-line should get the 2nd round pick, there are some great guards that should be available, and based off what I've seen so far, taking a guard is our best shot at getting an immediate impact player in the 2nd round. LT cant be filled there, so I've resigned to the fact that either TD is going to make a huge move to fix LT, or we're going to go into the season with Baker or Svitek starting.

-The D-Line can be helped significantly if a big DT is taken high. If there's going to be a hybrid defense, I think a big DT has to be the pick at 55.

-MLB is the weak spot in our defense if Lofton doesn't come back. I'm fine with that. I really look forward to seeing Spoon take over the LB unit, if not the entire D.

-Suddenly I feel like the secondary is a strong point. The feeling is there because we have Nolan now. I think he played a big part in resigning Decoud and franchising Grimes, and probably resigning Biermann and Abe as well. Since he wanted them back, I think this secondary is going to blow our minds after watching what we've been watching for the last 4 years.

-I love runningbacks. I was stoked when we took Rodgers, and I want another back this year. I would say we could take one in preparation for Turner leaving, but thats just wishful thinking on my part. I think we develop Rodgers further and then sign someone to compliment him the year Turner walks.

-I wouldn't be upset or surprised if we take a CB early. There are some real talents that should be around when we pick, and taking one of them would make our secondary scary good under Nolan. I dont think it will happen, but imagine being able to call a fixed Robinson, Grimes, Highish Draft Pick, and Franks our top 4 corners. Franks is a baller but there might be guys available that could beat him for the nickle spot. Sick!

-I'd like to see a DE drafted high only for the chance that one of our many promising DEs will put it all together one day. The more we stockpile, the better chance one of them will have all the goods to dominate and take over the starting spot for good. I think Sidbury could finally be that guy, so we dont NEED to draft another one, but if Sid isn't it, I want a 2nd or 3rd pick getting reps just in case.

-I'm bummed Manuwai was signed, only because I was sure a RG would have to be taken at 55. I think he was signed as a bandaid in case Johnson cant win the spot this year. I'm fine with it, but I was looking forward to adding a solid 2nd round RG to the line this year. If Hawley pans out at C the way I think he will, the entire line other than LT would be established with a RG pick in the 2nd. We could add a LT next off season and finally have a solid O-line.

Thanks for reading. Lemme know what you think. I'm on Australia time so it'll be a while before I respond but I'm looking forward to some quality pre-draft dialogue over the weekend.

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We need to either draft a safety or re-sign Sanders. We currently have Schillinger as the sole back-up. That aint cutting it! We are set at corner for this year. i believe Grimes walks after this year. Brandon Boykin could be picked to serve as the punt/kick returner this year, and work as the nickel next year. Defensive Tackle at #55 is a must. Our oline is a mess. Could be fixed somewhat if we sign McNeil.

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Pretty good analysis, we really have no absolute glaring holes, which leads me to believe we will take more of a BPA approach with that #55 rather than reaching for a particular posistion, and yes I do think we will try to find an eventual back up for Ryan in this draft, and cut ties with the god awful JPW .......a guy like Keenum in round 6 would be nice .......

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Pretty good analysis, we really have no absolute glaring holes, which leads me to believe we will take more of a BPA approach with that #55 rather than reaching for a particular posistion, and yes I do think we will try to find an eventual back up for Ryan in this draft, and cut ties with the god awful JPW .......a guy like Keenum in round 6 would be nice .......

I agree with this point. I think we go BPA at #55 out of OG/TE/LT/DT........(if we don't trade back)....

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Good analysis but how do you say that a 4 way battle at RG is unlikely but then say you would take an OG at #55? Kind of refutes your own analysis. I see DT as need number 1 at 55. No room for any other player really.

Also, on your point about DEs and stockpiling. Not true. Add another DE and it only stunts the growth of Sidbury because they all can't play simultaneously. Go ahead and point at the Giants. They never play more than 4 DEs: Osi, Tuck, JPP, and Tollefson. That would be Abe, Edwards, Biermann, and Sidbury. Draft a rookie in the second round, where does he go? After Sid? Then why waste the pick on a #5 DE? Before Sid? Then you have another wasted talent, potentially disgruntled at this point.

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My biggest problem with resigning all our talent especially on defense is where are the difference makers????

Spoon and maybe Moore when not hurt Grimes hasn't resigned as yet but I have real trouble in my head seeing where the difference makers are.Up front on D I'm really worried especially against good o-lines we get beaten up and how resigning the same guys fixes that I'm completely at a loss.

Sidbury I'd love to see him become that guy but I won't jump in and make huge assumptions about the guy sure he has all the tools but to me he's unproven.

I agree with Vel DT needs to be the #1 need addressed at 55 I mena if you look its Babs Peters PJ and Walker they are solid but not a difference maker in site.

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Safeties: Disagree, as Skillet said we have no depth at saftey and IMO Moore will probably be out for a few games every season as hard as he hits. I'd like to get someone who can cover and play both positions early in the draft.

I like Antonio Allen

Corners: Agree, deep

Linebackers: Agree, but without Pete + 5.0 we are dangerously thin.

D-Ends: Agree, but I'm not sure who gets the boot to open the spot since all of our guys have potential to make the jump to the next level

I like Vinny Curry

D-Tackles: Agree, my only contention here is that we lose money if we drop PJ. If we do drop him it's DT and saftey for me with our first picks.

O-Line: I'm torn, I just don't see a draft pick stealing a starting job unless we get lucky. FA would be great but we need to free up some money.

Tight End: Agree, all this talk about someone learning from Tony is bunk to me. IMO someone learning from TG isn't going to make them TG so, I just don't see us picking TE high unless there is an undeniable talent. Good TEs seem like thier avaialble every year.

Receiver: Agree, I like Jordan White

Quarterback: Agree, I like Kellen Moore

Runningback: Agree, deep and a dime a dozen. The worst RB can get yards behind a great Oline, focus there 1st.

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