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Apparantly The Mcneil Visit Was A Dirty Hoax By Agent:)


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Too bad, it's hard to believe that we are actually staring at a year with Sam Baker lining up at LT yet again... How many times does the guy need to fail before we figure it out? It's relate able to a monkey slamming his hand in a car door - how many times do you think he needs to slam it in there before he figures out that it hurts and never does it again?

"For those Falcons fans who have been wanting to have McNeill join the Falcons, I’m afraid we have a little bad news. It seems that all the reports of McNeill visiting the Falcons this week was all a sham created by McNeill’s agent to increase interest in his client.

Apparently McNeill has been clamoring for ‘starting’ money. His claims that he is 100% make him believe that he needs the the amount of money a starting caliber Left Tackle would get.

Personally, I think that he ought to take a 1-year small contract to prove himself. If he is the talent that we all think he could be, he would definitely increase the amount of money that he would get as a free-agent in 2013. Eventually the market will force Marcus to reconsider his asking price, and he will sign with someone for significantly less than starting money. I just hope that 1-year trial season is with the Falcons."


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