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The Saints Were Made An Example

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Now the Saints fans know how we felt in 2007 during the Vick fiasco. The timing of the Vick incident coincided with both a federal crackdown on dog fighting AND an NFL crackdown on player conduct. Bad timing. It sucked to be us. Now it sucks to be them.

They should've just taken their stinkin' Lombardi away. LOLOLOLOLOL.....

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When Vick went to jail, Saint fans flooded this messageboard mocking us, laughing at us, so I think its payback....

No that's what a Classless Aints' Fan would do. We are Atlanta Falcons' Fans and we have Class, something NewOrleans has never understood. We will show them how a Classy, Elite Team and Fanbase is suppose to act.

Does this mean that they are now gonna get called for holding?

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There are two things that stick in my mind about this mess. First is how all of the players take a knee and pray after someone is laying motionless on the fleld after injuring a neck or taking a horrible head shot. I'll see them as hypocrites from this moment on, even though most (I hope) don't take part in this type of activity.

Second is the fact that many retired players are suing the league for withholding injury information and a lot of them purposefully went out to injure their peers. SMH.

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