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Saints Will Use Payton's Salary To Pay Brees

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Guest Fibonacci

ummmm it does not work that way. the salary cap is basically for the players, not the coaches. That money comes from the owner to the coach's and never has an affect on cap space. at least I never heard of it. also a owner can not pay a player on the side, but I bet it has happened; but if brees shows up on his taxes with 7 million more.....well my wife is a tax accountant, and I can promise you Brees would be done for.

Alos lets say it did work that way. well right now there cap is 15. well brees would get 15 + 7 just for this year, which would be 22 million....bress wanted 23 million. but he would probably like that for year one......but when Payton comes back that money would go back to payton, meaning bress would be only getting 15 possible or they would have to do major cuts and not re-signing players.

I really think brees is going to only sign his tender at most and then walk. I would find it hilarious if he did not sign his tender.

If he signs his tender he only gets something like 12 million. well they could tender him again next year for still less then what he would be wanting. so he would be wasting two year worth of potential money he could have had with going to another team.

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