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Not sure if this topic has bee approached from this angle or not.

I think that with the current "rooster" if we can find a bone crusher at NT we could have a beastly 3-4 4-3 rotational defense

I am thinking Babs -NT?-Peters on the line.

This puts in a vulnerable position on the roster.

Look forward to your comments.

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I would think it's very difficult for some of the players to do this. Abe is an edge passrusher, not a standup blitzer. Plus, he's already out of about 40% of snaps. So of the total snaps, he'd be a standup in 30% and down on 30%.

I would rather see him as a down linemen on 60% of snaps where he's most productive/disruptive, and have a different personnel package for the 3-4 when Abe needs rest. Like throw Biermann or Sid out there and let them learn as the 3-4 blitzing LB.

I think that would be a better plan so we are not trying to get Abe to do something he's not used to, and we still give him the rest he needs in his old age :-)

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I an article that after nolans phone presser when he was hired that he said that must defenses may have to have 5 dbs indicated that the falcona may change their nickel package to their base package.they ran alot of 3 3 5 nickel already in must games already in 2011 and we have a lot of pass happy teams this season.we got away from payton last season but not this time.

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