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My "inside Source" Says Smitty Must Win A Playoff Game This Coming Season

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My bad about hamilton, I stand corrected. With all the coaches changes, it's confusing. All I state is my opinion, if it dosen't coincide with yours (We all know that you had such a hard on for MM), and I respect your opinion, but must we resort to another poster's opinion with deorgratory retorts because it doesn't mesh with your's? Really? But the bigger fool (Opinion - not fact) is one is truely thinks that the reason we haven't recent ly mattered in games against quality/playoff games is due to the coaching.

Take a look no further than San Francisco. Adding Aldon Smith did not turn them into a NFCCG caliber team. They had talent on that team. They finally added a coach who could get them to play. Out of nowhere, SF was the #2 seed in the NFC and were a blundered punt away from a potential SB berth.

Or maybe the Texans. Ranked 32nd in the NFL in defense. All of a sudden they add a good DC, albeit incompetent HC, and that defense rockets to #1. Adding Joseph and Watt don't make that happen.

Yes, coaching has that kind of impact, positive and negative. How do you field an offense with Ryan,Turner, Roddy, Tony, and Julio and muster up a whopping 0 points with no injuries? That takes hard work or serious ineptitude. You couldn't even get a FG. I don't care how bad the OLine is. Eli's was statistically worse and he won a SB. We couldn't score 3 points with a Playoff offense. Tell me what was missing playerwise that would have allowed us to score 3 points if it wasn't coaching. Tell me what changed at halftime of the Packers game for us to go from leading 14-0 at one point, to not scoring a single point in the second half. Because clearly I am missing it.

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