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Sam Baker Misconception

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What is with this assumption that he is going to be the starter this year? He was injured with a back injury and then was cleared to play. Did he come back and get thrust into the starting LT position? NO! Did he get a chance to play RG and get benched after not being put back into the starting lineup at LT? YES!

If that is not proof enough that they are moving on from him then I don't know what some of you want. I guess you want TD to come out and say we messed up even though Smith said that with not putting him back in the LT role and benching him after trying him at RG.

He will stay on this roster until we get another LT. You don't let depth go no matter how bad you perceive it as in hopes that you can find something in place of him. I can guarantee that he will be let go as soon as we find another LT. We let him go too soon every LT prospect that we bring in has the upper hand in negotiations because they know we need them and need them bad.

By know means do I think that he can be an starting Olineman in this league after he is dropped by us, but will be a journeyman backup.

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It's not there or is anything that hints towards that. i will keep looking though. thanks for the help.

Well I've always seen it on the threads I've made.

I've just went and looked on one of my threads. After the last post is the page number. Out directly to the side of the page number should be link that says moderation.

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