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Tips For Posting In Anything But Football


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Ugh, I don't remember that thread. I'm getting old. 26 is a *************.

It was mocking something that Gazoo did earlier that year, but even though it was painfully obvious that I was making fun of him several people thought I was serious and PM'd me as "friends" for the secret insider information about the draft. That one should have gone to the hall of fame.

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When you have fake accounts supposedly using your likeness, you have reached epic HOF level. biggrin.png

Yes sir. You are to be idolized and made into a large statue. Your level of intellect and knowledge over basic events has made us all aspire to become educated. For that, the world is forever grateful.

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Guest Deisel

I would never create an alt account to make fun of the posters on here. I'd do it with this account so they know who to attribute it to, and see how they act when I actually show up to the get togethers.

It's not my style.

Great, when you comin to town?

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