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We Want Mcneil ...what About Manny Lawson?


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I know both topics have been and are still being discussed. Its a given about Mcneil..we simply must sign the guy. Like you guys pointed out, the stars are aligned for it.

Lawson however is not such a slam dunk. We dont know if he is being considered but we know he should be! He is affordable and played for Mike Nolan in San Fran, he obvioulsy already knows the system, and he is an ugrade over Nicholas.

If we could swing those two moves, have a solid draft, develope and properly use the talent we already have i.e. Douglass/Quizz/Sidbury/Franks!

We are so close to becomming elite...actually if Ryan becomes elite, then we become elite..lets start by keeping the man clean...Mcneil!

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For the second/third offseason in a row, Manny Lawson makes his way into the fold for offseason plans. Not happening. At all. Manny Lawson is a starting OLB in this league. We have ours already: Spoon and Nicholas. They paid Nicholas to start, not watch Lawson. He is very underrated on this board.


Linebackers: Stephen Nicholas, Curtis Lofton and Sean Weatherspoon, ATL

Nicholas is a prototypical 4-3 strongside linebacker who defends the run well and has some pass rushing ability. I would say Atlanta should try to get him on the field more (he played just 286 snaps), but there’s no way he’s taking reps away from the other two. What a sophomore year it was for Weatherspoon who looked a far cry from the player who struggled so much in 2010. Lofton rounds out the group here and he’s a big reason why the Falcons are solid against the run despite their sub-par tackle play. It says a lot about this division that no player came close to challenging the Falcons’ trio.


Nicholas is a good LB. Lawson will not be a Falcon. Not unless he wants to be a back up.

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