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Looking At Nolan Vs Next Year's Opponents

Guest Negatorris

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Guest Negatorris

I was bored so I saw what Nolan's defense did against some of our opponent's next year. These are the most recent results.


2011 vs Chargers - Held to 26 Points(+1 yearly avg)

2011 vs Broncos - Held to 18 Points(-1 yearly avg)

2011 vs Giants - Held to 20 Points(-4 yearly avg)

2011 vs Chiefs - Held to 3 Points(-10 yearly avg)

2011 vs Redskins - Held to 9 Points(-9 yearly avg)

2011 vs Cowboys - Held to 20 Points(-3 yearly avg)

2011 vs Raiders - Held to 14 Points(-8 yearly avg)

2011 vs Eagles - Held to 26 Points(+2 yearly avg)

2010 vs Lions - Held to 34 Points(+12 yearly avg)

2008 vs Cardinals - Held to 23 Points(-5 yearly avg)

2008 vs Saints - Held to 31 Points(+3 yearly avg)

2007 vs Bucs - Held to 19 Points(-1 yearly avg)

2007 vs Carolina - Held to 31 Points(+15 yearly avg)


2011 vs Eagles - Held to 31 Points(+7 yearly avg)

2011 vs Bucs - Held to 16(-1 yearly avg)

2011 vs Panthers - Held to AVG of 20 Points(-5 yearly avg)

2011 vs Lions - Held to 16 Points(-13 yearly avg)

2011 vs Saints - Held to AVG of 35.5 Points(+1 yearly avg)

2010 vs Cardinals - Held to 7 Points(-11 yearly avg)

2009 vs Cowboys - Held to 37 Points(+15 yearly avg)

2009 vs Redskins - Held to 17 Points(+1 yearly avg)

2011 vs Giants - Held to 24 Points(-/+ 0 yearly avg)

2008 vs Chiefs - Held to 14 Points(-4 yearly avg)

2008 vs Raiders - Held to 0 Points(-16 yearly avg)

2008 vs Broncos - Held to 24 Points(+1 yearly avg)

2008 vs Chargers - Held to 16 Points(-11 yearly avg)

Not trying to make any points or prove anything. Just thought I'd share this with you guys. These don't really tell much since these two were in very different situations, but I thought it would be fun to do this.


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Yep. He was great on 1st and 2nd down. Just did not get off the field on 3rd down.

And a lot of that was just stubbornness. If you know you don't do well against the pass on 3rd down, switch it up. If they had played 3 CBs, 2 FS in the secondary, and dropped William Moore down at LB with spoon....then it would have been a radically better pass defense.

They could have kept their normal D on 1st and 2nd, but on 3rd and longs, gone to a DB heavy D. It was a fairly easy thing to try, that I've been pushing for 3 yrs, and they never got around to it. If your coordinator won't change it up when it's not working, there's going to be a problem.

Though I want a much more aggressive D, Nolan could just do what Van Gorder did on 1st and 2nd down, and throw in the above defense on 3rd and longs (with some disguised blitzing) and the D would improve dramatically.

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