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Bounty? What Bounty? Brees Calls Scandal 'a Big Shock'


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So really now: What did Drew Brees know about the Saints' "bounty" program?

Brees says he was in the dark. Of course, if Brees was aware teammates were actively attempting to disembowel Wrangler pitchmen for money, he'd probably have the exact same stance, right?

It's hard not to be a skeptic. Brees joined Fox Sports Radio on Friday, where the pay-for-performance scandal was a natural topic of discussion.

“Well, obviously the whole bounty situation is disappointing for all of us, just because for me, I really had no idea what was going on,"

Brees said (via SportsRadioInterviews.com). "... And to be honest, a lot of us found ourselves searching for answers and facts here the past few weeks.”

Brees reiterated he didn't see any of this coming.

"For all us it was a big shock especially as all this was coming out -- all of us were kind of looking at each other like, ‘Was this stuff really going on right under our noses and all of us had no idea?'" he said. "... I think the perception might be different from the reality in certain cases with this thing, because it sure has been painted that we’re all guilty and we’ve all been doing these heinous things."

It will be interesting to see how the "bounty" fallout could affect Brees down the road. Will other teams -- let's use the Vikings as an obvious example -- look for payback now that New Orleans' dirty secret was exposed?

Brees is a respected guy and a voracious union defender, so it's doubtful. But the possibility exists, right?


Really he is one the top guys of the NFLPA and was preaching player safety. He is the king of NOLANs, but he didn't know it was going on....... Yeah right.

Way to cover you butt Drew. Punishment is coming!!!!


don't worry Brees saints fans love you, so your off the hook regardless.

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I hate Drew Brees. Mostly just because he's a Saint. I hesitantly lean toward believing he had little knowledge of what was going on. Maybe because he wanted to believe it wasn't, but from everything I've ever seen from Brees, he doesn't seem like that guy.

But still, **** him.

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I'm more interested in how they plan on actually putting him out on the field when he isn't signing the tag and they don't have the cap to sign him to what he wants.

And the more money Peyton gets, the more money Brees will want.

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This has really been beaten to death, but those who want to believe every word of the NFL's initial report will continue to believe it... whether it's because they want the Saints punished as hard as possible simply to hurt the Saints, or because they really believe the NFL. But the NFL has released zero hard evidence for a reason to this point. They made a mistake on making it public the way they did.

The Saints are primarily denying knowledge of "bounties"... aka "intentional injuries". Besides that it's nearly impossible to prove intent to injure on the football field... the Saints have injured very few offensive players over the last three years and no one was fined for hits that led to injuries. The WSJ already covered that part of the research.

Then there's a report coming out from someone inside the Saints' organization that said the Saints didn't even have a pay for performance, let alone bounty, program going on in 2011... which pretty much would go against the NFL saying that the Saints ignored Goodel's order. Plus, supposedly his order came in January 2012... not too much time left in the season for games to be played to ignore his order to stop that program.

As for the offensive players not really knowing. A backup offensive player from the 2009 team said that Gregg Williams was a loose cannon, but Payton let him have complete control of the defense anyway and things were kinda kept separate from the offensive players. Plus there were a lot of big gamblers on the defense that year. As far as WIlliams, Payton, and Loomis admitting to what happened... Williams admitted to administering a pay for performance, not bounty, program. While Loomis and Payton admitted to it happening under their watch. Timelines were never admitted, neither were specific details.

There will be some stiff penalties here. How severe, I don't know. They will likely be harsher than they should be based on what evidence the NFL really has and has shown, and I think that primarily would be due to all of the pending lawsuits for concussions that are tied up in the legal system right now.

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I think it's the evil conjoined twin on his face telling him what to say. He's effing lying through his mole. No way anyone as esteemed as he is in the Ain'ts organization couldn't of known. 50,000 pages of documentation and little meetings handing out envelopes. It's simply unbelievable to think he didn't have an inkling. He kept his mouth shut because they were winning.

Or maybe he didn't. Maybe he was the whistleblower, and he's playing dumb. Nothing like a little bad press to gain leverage and make the Ain'ts look more evil than they already are. If Brees' contract situation isn't settled soon, there will be a mutiny. Brees set them up to push them into trying to get it out of the way to deal with the allegations. So far his plan has backfired.

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Guest TheIdowu

You are the captain of the team and a self-proclaimed leader in the NFL and among your organization. How did you not even have an inkling of an idea that this was going on? It was RAMPANT!!!! When you have 22 to 27 defensive players (that is dayum near the entire defense) along with the DC himself involved in this, you know something; even if it's a rumor. No, we all know you are not going to man up and come out and say, "Yea, I knew" because that will ruin your public relations. Anyone who believes otherwise is naive and was born yesterday.

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I'm not surprised at all to hear bree's say that. That's like a criminal talking when they get caught, the first thing they do is deny everything and then when they are backed into a corner and realize their crime has been proven they start trying to make themselves out as the victim for sympathy votes.

I seriously doubt the vikings will be looking for revenge though, I think chances are when they play the saints the officials will be calling anything and everything because they will be aware of the history.


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