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Super Bowl Success Doesn't Happen Overnight

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Super Bowl success doesn't happen over night. It really doesn't. It seems as if some people on here expect a Super Bowl Champion over night. The only example I can even think of that was horrible one year and won the Super Bowl the next was the Rams in 1999 who won only 4 games the year before. But most teams make the playoffs year after year after year before finally breaking through and winning in the playoffs. It's one thing to learn how to win regular season games but it's a whole different matter to win playoff games and the Super Bowl. Bill Cowher was a great NFL coach but look at how long it took him to finally win the Super Bowl. It took him 14 years before his team finally won the Super Bowl. Let's use everyone's favorite QB as another example. Peyton Manning. Look at how many years his Colts were 1-and-done in the playoffs before finally winning the Super Bowl.

1999 - Lost to Tennessee at home 16-19 after 13-3 season

2000 - Lost to Miami 17-23 after 10-6 season

2002 - Lost to New York 0-41 after 10-6 season

It wasn't till 2003 in Peyton Manning's 6th NFL season that his team finally won a playoff and that came under a different coach than Peyton played his first 4 NFL seasons under. It wasn't till his 9th NFL season that his team finally won the Super Bowl. I don't know. I could keep going on but people are going to flame me anyway but oh well. I made my point. You have to make the playoffs first before you can win the Super Bowl and the Falcons have shown they can do that part.

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The whingers on here talk about making the playoffs, winning playoff games and winning a super bowl as if it is something really easy to do.

They talk about it as if there is a simple formula that guarantees instant success. They think that if we threaten the Front office, coaches and players with the sack if they don't win supebowls within 2 or 3 years, that this will somehow motivate them to win it - as if they don't already want it enough, or winning a super bowl is just about how much you want it. They are idiots, just like poster #2 above.

There are right and wrong ways to try to build a team. The right way is to place an emphasis on continuity, hoard draft picks and build from the inside our via the draft and don't overpsond on big name FA's. Building the right way doesn't guarantee you anything, but it does improve your chances of being the team that wins it one year.

At the end of the day the NFL has 32 teams all of who are desparate to in the super bowl, and who work just as hard as we do to try to acheive it. Only 1 team in 32 wins the super bowl every season, and every year that winning team has luck along the way - whether it's the benefit of and easy schedule, luck with injuries, getting outside help to make the playoffs, the benefit of a bad decision by officilas or an unforced error from an opponent in a crucial playoff game. People need to put our lack of super bowl success in to its proper perspective, before ripping apart everyone and calling for huge changes every season, just because our 1 in 32 chance of success didn't materialise. Constantly changing your staffs and gutting your roster in pursuit of immediate success is THE worst thinkg that you can do as a franchise. Continuity and patience are critical.

It's interesteing that the OP brings up the Rams. They had by far the easiest road to the super bowl of any team I can remeber. They won HFA without beating a single team with a winning record, and 8 of their 13 regular season wins came against the teams with the 5 worst records in the NFL that season.

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Guest TheIdowu

If we examine any successful business or organization around the world, we will discover a similar theme among them all: They experienced growing pains during the course of their journey toward success. I cannot conjure up one business or organization that did not experience at least some type of failure, growing pains, trials/tribulation/stormy weather, frustration, stagnation, slight regression, etc. during its rise to success and achieving its goals. Growth involves change. Change involves uncomfortable adjustments and growing pains. However, these growing pains can breed character, technical proficiency, and knowledge, depending upon how you respond to it. You must remain proactive in growing and getting better, no matter what, during these times of growth and change.

I see no difference when it comes to this Atlanta Falcons organization, circa 2008. This type of success (SB) takes time and patience built upon adhering to what gained you success in the first place. Along the way, you respond to challenges and obstacles in such a way that will see you through successfully. These Falcons will be alright; that I am confident of. We have already had a coaching overhaul. We have a full off-season. We are building upon four consecutive seasons of solid growth. We have a solid foundation in place. What do you want: instant gratification fluky, flaky "success" or real long-term success? Consider this: The 2002 Tampa Buccaneers or the 2000 to 2012 New England Patriots. . . . .

I have been saying this since 2009.

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Losing a playoff game...and getting easily man-handled and trounced in your playoff game, out coached, outplayed, outstaged by three different teams, in three different stage of their Superbowl runs, after pretty much beating the snot out of most of the regular season average to below average teams....is different than just losing a playoff game. I know we want to simplify our team issues....but they are deeper and more complicated than just "weve got to pay our dues and lose a bunch of playoff seasons and it will finally happen".

HOW you reach them, win them , and lose them is the key. And that ain't looking good.

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Giants came out of nowhere to win the Super Bowl. Packers backed into the playoffs the year before, but then gelled into a dominant winner. Saints finished last the prior to winning their Super Bowl, so yes success can come quickly.

So we have 3 out of the 46 winners can be pointed out. That is not too good of odds. I will take the other 43 teams that had to build the winner instead of a crap shoot on luck. You build a dynasty, but fall into a single win of the super bowl.

The Giants built a winning team, so did the Packers. The Saints can be said that they built a team, but now are losing a lot of that team.

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OP,I really think alot of people understand that,but I think folks are frustrated by our seeming digression. And now imo the whole organization looks incompetent.

I may be the only Falcon fan that hasn't been impressed with our last 3 seasons.

9-7 who cares

13-3 where we didn't look impressive at all ( then we got humiliated in the playoffs)

and this past year where we looked bipolar and looked like we were in store with diarrhea and kept debating on if we could make it home or embarrass ourselves at the store bathroom. ( Then got humiliated in the playoffs)

I'm not even looking for a superbowl, I want a consistant football team,that shows they have the nuts and the toughness the actually whoop on top tier teams from time to time.

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It seems 40 odd years does not ensure a win either blink.png

So now what stage are we in now? rebuilding? deconstructing? decimating? Its deja vu again. It sure looks like we are starting all over again.

The Falcons like players that have had injuries... we again are going for players that are broken and repaired. Same formula that has got us here again. They perform but not every game... they get laid up and are out half a season.

We are not picking up much in FA... I don't see us in the headlines again... and how many early picks do we have in the draft?

deja vu...

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is it too much to ask that we beat some great teams or stop making cellar dwellars look good?

We have beaten some solid teams over the past 4 years and we blow out cellar dwellars. What bad teams have we lost to? And if you say Bucs the 3rd game of the season I just might scream! They were not a horrible team when we lost to them. They started the season 4-2 after winning 10 games the year before.

Giants came out of nowhere to win the Super Bowl. Packers backed into the playoffs the year before, but then gelled into a dominant winner. Saints finished last the prior to winning their Super Bowl, so yes success can come quickly.

Non of those teams came out of nowhere to win the Super Bowl. All 3 of those teams had success in the years prior to them finally winning the Super Bowl. They weren't in the playoffs every year but they did have there share of success. The Saints won the Super Bowl in 2009 but had been in the NFC Championship Game in 2006. The Packers won the Super Bowl in 2010 but had been in the NFC Championship Game in 2007. The Giants won the Super Bowl in 2011 but that previous won the Super Bowl in 2007. So no none of those teams came out of nowhere to win the Super Bowl like my example of the Rams in 1999.

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