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Only 5 Spots Left With Abe Back.

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QB-Ryan, Redman

RB-Turner, Snelling, Rodgers, Smith


TE-Gonzalez, Palmer, _______

WR-White, Jones, Douglas, Meier, Cone, Davis

LT-Baker, Svitek

LG-Blalock, Johnson

OC-Hawley, _______

RG-Manuwai, Johnson

RT-Clabo, Jackson

RDE-Abraham, Biermann

RDT-Peters, Walker

LDT-Babinaux, Jerry

LDE-Edwards, Sidbury, Matthews

WLB-Weatherspoon, Adkins

MLB-Tatupu, Dent

SLB-Nicholas, _______

RCB-Robinson, Owens, Walls

FS-DeCoud, Shillinger

SS-Moore, _______

LCB-Grimes, Franks, _______

With TE-Kelly, OC-McClure, LB-Peterson, SS-Sanders, and CB-Hayden not re-signed we have 5 positions that are left vacant from last years roster. I included WR Drew Davis in place of the departed Weems. James Rodgers would be a good undrafted free agent if his knee is healing. We have 5 draft picks. Looks like we could target TE, OC, LB, SS, and CB. If we sign any free agents before the draft it will likely come with a cut since Abe's signing surely has us at or over the cap.

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It was last reported that we had 7 mil under cap after previously claiming it was 5. Abe got 3 yr deal worth 21 mil. if 12 mil is guaranteed, that means roughly the first two years. Bottom line, the money averages 7 mil a year. If we had 7 under the cap, and his deal averages 7 mil a year. I hope the math is not too complicated.

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