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Current 2012 Depth Chart As It Stands Now


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Predraft Depth Chart

QB- Matt Ryan, Chris Redman, JPW

HB- Turner, Quiz, Snelling

FB- Ovie, Cox

TE- Gonzalez, Palmer,

WR- Roddy, Julio, HD, Meir, Cone

LT- Baker, Svitek

LG- Blalock, Jackson

C- Hawley

RG- Manuwai, Johnson

RT- Clabo, Reynolds

RDE- Abraham Sidbury, Matthews

DT- Babs, Peters, Walker, Jerry

LDE- Edwards, Biermann

LOLB- Nicholas, Peterson

MLB- Tatupu, Dent

ROLB- Weatherspoon, Adkins

CB1- Dunta

CB2- Grimes


FS- Decoud/ Schillenger

SS- Moore

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Cut Baker, add McNeil, and add Okoye. That puts the roster at 48. Our 5 draft picks make up our 53 man roster.

Don't forget Bosher, Bryant and a LS

ADDED --plus there are about 11 more players on the roster now (7 PS) plus CB McClain, RB Nance,

LS Albritton and Adams

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i honestly dont know that Okoye is an upgrade over Walker, and Jerry sint going anywhere due to the cap ramifications.

I think Okoye is very underrated. He had 4 sacks last season and 15.5 in his career. And he's the same age as Walker. Walker only has 2 sacks in his career. I like Walker as depth, but Okoye has starting experience and is a better interior pass rusher. I want them both on our depth chart.

P.S. Walker is listed on the depth as our backup NT behind Peters. Peria Jerry is our backup UT. I would feel a LOT more comfortable with Okoye over Peria Jerry.

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