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I Am Thinking Of Next Year...not Because Of Our Fa Moves.

Guest fibonacci

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Guest Fibonacci

Tony Gonzalez is going to play this one last year. so next year we'll be able to spend 7.5 on someone else

Brent Grimes may not sign his contract, and if he does he will be looking for a long term contract more so with someone else. which means 10+ million next year

Mughelli Becomes a FA, if we re-sign him then it will be a lot less then what he is getting now. so you can say about 1.5 million (if not cut) to 3 million (if he is cut then)

Same goes for Sam baker. 1.5 (if not cut) to 3 million (if he is cute)

and we are sitting currently at under 5 something this year.

now William Moore will be re-signed. so we could be looking at around 3+ I think.

Lawrence Sidbury will be re-signed. if he has a good year, which I think he will. then who knows how much he will end up making. I have guesses but it is just guesses.

so next year we will be looking at 23 million at a minimum to 26+. Plus we will not be having to worry about re-signing any big team needs; only Moore is on that list. and the new coaches on both sides of the ball , will know what is a big team need. just cause right now they might be thinking there is stars on the team who did not get a shot. I see it that way. because we had 4 winning seasons with playing a horrible zone and horrible play calling. there will be a good 3 or more players raising up this year. and I bet Nolan is the one who said to place the tag on grimes, so he can see if grimes is truly worth a long contract and also see if there is other good players on the DB list.

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Just to add onto what you are doing.

Matt Ryan's salary goes down in 2013, $1.5m less against the cap. Brent Grimes off the books, $10.4m. Gonzalez is off the books, $5.9m. Mughelli is off the books, $3.8m. Baker is off the books, $2.5m. Vance Walker is off the books, $1.2m. Svitek ($1m), Cox, Sidbury, Reynolds, Moore, Owens, Adkins, Antoine Smith, Palmer, Jamaal Anderson, Michael Jenkins, and Chauncey Davis ($2.2m for the 3) are all off the books as well. That's about $35m coming off the books.

Roddy's salary goes up by $100k. Dunta Robinson goes up by $3m due to his restructure. Turner goes up by $500k. Babs goes up by $600k. Ray Edwards goes up by $2.5m. Clabo and Blalock both go up by $2m each, $4m total. Nicholas will go up, but spotrac doesn't have the details, so $1m is my guess. That's about $11m added to the books.

We only have 29 guys under contract through 2013. If we have to fill 24 roster spots, we better have a lot of cap space.

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