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Do We Need A Rb

Guest fibonacci

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Guest Fibonacci

I was just watching espn and i think they said no major RB has been taken because they are no longer in as high of demand because of the way the offense is changing.

I know snelling signed back. But is mughelli going to be able to perform, could snelling be taking his place? And i know rodgers will be a bigger player, and i know he can go up the middle....sometimes. but another big RB can make our running game better

Could benson and turner rip our field up. Turner and bush.

As of right now i could see these RB going cheap. Not a need. There is a lot of big names.

We could use another big RB because we run the ball 50% of the time.


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If I was GM for a day, I would trade Turner for a second round pick (minimum). I would draft Robert Turbin in the third round and attempt to get a solid TE and/or Boykins in the draft (Boykins to possibly replace Grimes and could replace the Weems loss in regard to returning kicks/punts). With the money that you free up from losing Turner you improve the O line by upgrading LT position. Then, wait for the salary cap casualties to start piling up from the teams that are over signing. From the cap casualty pool, look to strengthen DE and/or MLB.

Just my 2 cents.

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