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People Forget Where Our Free Money Came From.....


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Like 17 free agents. Some very high profile players. We had money because so much of our team from last year was FA`s. It wasnt like we had a ton to spend with them.

Our big splash happened before last season ended. We got Tony G back. Yes if he hit the market he would have got what we are paying him if not more (from the jags or bucs).

We knew out other 3. Lofton, Abe and Grimes. 2 looking for 10+ mill and all 3 top tier talent. Take away 10 for grimes and getting strapped. So when people see us signing our backups back. That is why. We don't have the money to go make some major splash unless we walk away from the table with our talent.

We have to spend smart and thats what fans like. They don't wanna over pay and see a person come in and not play up to that money we spent.

We have new coaches also but at the cost of us losing some talent. We knew before last season was over some faces where gonna walk. 17 free agents in a lot of key spots was a lot.

While i do know our lines need help, there is only so much we can do without creating more probs.

The offseason just begun. There will be more options out there. Just because we didn't spend the farm to get 1 player doesn't mean we cant find quality talent later. What round was Nicks drafted in?

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Also about 7 of those 17 were 1 year players that do not need to be replaced

OL Chamber was signed after M Johnson was injured--now Johnson is back

CB Hayden was injured --they have already sign McClain at CB this off season

SS Sanders -- will Tuimaunei be his replacement?

TE Kelly --they have signed 2 odifferent Blocking TEs this offseason

OC Romberg--?-- depends if they re-sign McClure or some other center

Zelenka --they have already signed 2 other LS this off season

Peterson -James may end up his replacement or if they re-sign Lofton then Tatupu may be Peterson's replacement

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