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Oh No! No New Signings; There Is One Sure Fire Way To Get The Best Team Possible

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Oh NOOooooo!!! We haven't signed a single new player in FA yet! Oh NOOooooooooo!!! We don't have a number one pick!!! Oh NOOOooooooo!!!

Okay, I hope TD is reading because this is what we do!!!

First fix the Oline. We need to release the entire offensive line from last year. They all must be terrible. That will save what 30 million in cap space? Take that 30 million in cap and offer Mario Williams a 10 year 200 million dollar deal! And you know what we can do??? We can set up the contract to pay 1 million this year and it can be back loaded, yeah that will work. In fact, let's pay him 1 million the first 9 years and 191 million in year ten. The cap will be huge by then because of TV contracts right!

We can go and trade for a new offensive line. I think if we package this years number 2 and 3 with next years 1 and 2 and the number 1 in 2014 we can get the best LT in football. The heck with the rest of the line. Our new OT will be soooo awesome he will block the other teams entire defense by himself. All while serving tea and cucumber sandwiches to Ryan and Turner in the huddle.

We should restructure Ryan's contract too. Wait, since we have an awesome new LT and a world class DE we should cut Ryan and save 14 million and go get Manning. Yeah, then we can restructure his deal until after his neck has rotted and fallen off and isnt playing football anymore, because you know, let's worry about this year and the future will fall into place.

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I sensed stupidity and drool fueled by Hot Pockets and Red Bulls delivered by his momma to their basement. You are far too kind to the OP.

Dude, my post was anything but stupid. Don't eat hot pockets or drink red bull. Those are for fat, lazy tards that like to play arm chair GM and coach, and talent scout....

As for living with momma, I don't do that either, but....... Oh man, I think I left my superman lunch box at your house. Please ask your wife to grab it for me. It's under your bed!!!

Haha, now that was funny :-)

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