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It's Never Okay To Hit A Woman

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Never rule out slapping a woman. Sometimes circumstances dictate it. Just make sure all other options been exhausted. No clenched fist tho, open hand only.


"I don't think there is anything particularly wrong in hitting a woman, though I don't recommend you do it the same way that you hit a man."

Sean Connery


Sean da God been married to same woman for 36+ years. Like Barbara says, no complaints outta her.

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Why is it never ok to hit a woman? Because misogynistic societies idea of women being inferior has been accepted?

You dish it

You take it

No exceptions.

There are plenty of exceptions. Something tells me you don't know those. You should.

You take a very big risk if you hit a woman in public and there was an exception.

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Doesn't sound like much of a him at all.

Background would be nice.

She accuses him of stepping on her dog's foot. He apologizes, but that isn't enough for her. She says he did it on purpose. She tell him she's going to hit him before she gets off the very crowded train (looks like New York). She continues to scream at him, he smiles in disbelief. Then she counts down, and slugs him for about 10 seconds, and walks off the train as the train stops.

I don't blame him for keeping his cool. I actually respect his level of calm. But I can't say I would have had the same demeanor.

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This was in Boston.

I'm shocked at how many people woulda put hands on this broad. Not judging you all I just think I'm looking at it differently. I'm not thinking of the harm I could do her being a male, I'm thinking of the harm the law would do me as being a black male and hitting a woman. They'd put me under the jail and knowing that I'll try my hardest never to hit one. ESPECIALLY a white chick. Might get the death penalty for that one.

Do I believe this chick deserved to get her snot box rocked? Whole heartedly.

Would I have done it? Hellnah.

But I'm telling you if I had some as son as we was of that crowded train I woulda emptied 3/4 of a can of pepper spray on that broad.

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