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Lets Be Real People... I've Been Confident In Falcons Teams With Way Less Talent On Them Than The 2012-12 Team Will

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My confidence will not be shaken. I for one like the signings TD has made this year. Tatupu and Big Vince are going to save this team @ss loads of money for the future than they would have had if they resigned Lofton and went out and signed Nicks. Yes Vine is no where near as dominant as Nicks but he is talented and has a lot of veteran experience. Lofton was a fan favorite and he will be missed but he was a liability in coverage and never really became that impact player they had envisioned.

In my opinion this team is still very solid all around. Most of are players are still very young and are starting to combine their experience and natural talent. The secondary is solid with DeCoud and Moore at safety and Robinson and Grimes at CB. Spoon will lead the line backers and Tatupu if healthy can have a big impact. The defensive line has a nice rotation with Babs and Peters in the middle and Walker and Jerry rotating. I admit that I'm skeptical about the DEs like every else on the board. But they can still address that in the draft and who knows maybe one of the young guys steps up this year.

The offense is still loaded with Ryan, Roddy, Julio, Gonzalez, and Turner.. throw in some contributions by HD(So happy he's back) and Rogers and they can be dangerous to say the least.

The most important up grades of the off season by far were Nolan and Drik. I've been saying this for the past 2 years that the biggest problem of this team were Mularkey and BVG. The Falcons upgraded and I couldn't ask for more.... Well maybe Mario but that seems to not be happening.

To sum it all up I'm still very confident in this team and will be so as long as they are constantly looking to improve(which they did).

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