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My Biggest Concern

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BPA of Svitek and Baker. My analysis of roster spots remaining and cap remaining show we have little to no money for FA. Currently 8 spots remaining with at least 5 coming from Draft and Johnson coming back. The last 3 will be around 3 million total unless there are cuts or restructuring. I assume there will be (close to)vet minimum contracts for Hayden, Sanders, and Mcclure, which allows us to keep a few million to either go for 1 decent FA or keep in case of injury. TD always leaves 1 mil+ heading into TC for emergency.

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Dmetrius Bell would hurt himself running on the field.

Sometimes you got to take a chance on talent. Obviously don't want to pay too much but the guy is young and allowed pressure just once every 26.3 protections which is a huge upgrade over Baker (8.6) and Svitek (15.1).

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