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Mario Takes Physical, Brings Fiancee To Buffalo, But Deal Not Done - Pft


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Mario takes physical, brings fiancee to Buffalo, but deal not done

Posted by Michael David Smith on March 14, 2012, 12:33 PM EDT

mario-williams-pic1.jpg?w=144 Getty Images

Signs are looking good for Mario Williams in Buffalo, but there’s no done deal yet.

Williams remains in Buffalo this afternoon after having dinner with potential future teammates and coaches last night, and he has taken both a visit of the Bills’ facilities and a physical, according to reporters in Buffalo.

Perhaps more importantly, Williams has brought his fiancee to Buffalo. Paul Peck, a sportscaster at WIVB-TV in Buffal, reports that Williams picked up his fiancee at the airport and then headed back toward the Bills’ facilities. If Williams wants his fiancee to see Buffalo, that would indicate he thinks there’s a good chance they’re going to be living there.

However, a league source cautions to PFT that a deal is not done.

So it remains to be seen whether the Bills will succeed in their quest to make a big splash in free agency, nearly 24 hours after the best defensive player on the board made the trip to Buffalo.



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It would be surprising and disappointing if he signs with the first team that showed any interest in him. Especially a basement dweller like Buffalo.

Come on man, you gotta shop around!

Atlanta is an awesome town! sorta....

*takes off rose-colored glasses and smashes them underfoot*

its all about the benjamins.......nobody else would match what Buffalo is offering - that is the only reason

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Who the F needs that kind of money??

haha, so you'd refuse it if someone offered you 100mil ... I doubt it. It's hard for anyone to speculate if they've never been in that elite tax bracket, money buys everything - including happiness, it's just that ignorance is bliss.

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Seriously..please go to the great white north and stay out of the NFC..laugh.png

if Falcons could not get him, then this is best case scenario fo us - goes to a non-playoff team that will always be a non-playoff team.....

I realize that money is money but I would rather make $14million/yr in Houston than $18million/yr in Buffalo. When you factor in the State tax, you are talking about $2 million difference (Texas has no state income tax).

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