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Redman Signs ! Man, It Just Doesn't Get Any More Exciting Than This !

Bring It

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I mean, you can't make this kind of stuff up !!

Tampa Bay is on their way to dominate the NFL South and what do the Falcons counter with ??

Chris Redman.

Wow, I can hardly contain the giddiness, the ecstasy. It's too much !!

TD..............you're da man !!

LOL X 1000

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After seeing what is going on with a few teams trying to "spend their way to Glory", I don't mind TD and Co. being patient, wise, and seeking guys who will play for a SANE amount of $$, guys with the right attitude, guys with the perfect fit for our coaches and system.

I know it's cool to see your team step up and sign "Mickey Mantle", the guy who will take you to the promised land, etc., but lets not forget, football is the ultimate TEAM game. TEAM. Pieces that fit together well.

Maybe we should all take a deep breath, relax, and trust in TD, Smitty, and staff. After all, they haven't done too awfully bad.....................don't ya think ???

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