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Kendall Langford


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Free agent DL Kendall Langford will reportedly visit the Bengals on Thursday.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Langford "might" set up a visit with the Patriots, and the Falcons are also interested. Langford's preference is to stay in Miami, as long as the Dolphins pay him at market value.

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Very well could be a good pickup. He's not a "big name" player but he's a good player and sometimes it takes several good players to make a defensive/offensive unit effective, A.K.A. teamwork.

San Fran had their 2 stars in Willis and Justin Smith. 2 emerging stars with Bowman and Aldon Smith. They brought in a decent cornerback (Rogers) and a decent safety (Whitner) who weren't considered top 10 at their position with their previous team. How many of you were even familiar with Goldson, Haralson, Brooks, Tarell Brown, and Sopoaga?

Basically all that I am saying is that the 49ers built a top 5 defense with a bunch of good players instead of a group of big name players. Willis was their only big name player on defense while the rest of the defensive unit wasn't that well known across the league. I admire the way that San Fran built their defense.

I trust TD and the FO.

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