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I'm Starting To Get Worried.

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I'm one guy on these boards that can't possibly make up my mind. I'm positive, I try to be optimistic, but I can't help but think of all the horrifying scenarios that could happen.

We are in a very competitive conference and an extremely competitive division. With the Bucs going hard in FA, the rising stars of Carolina and the power house Saints I can't help but think we might not fall as well as we think in that category.

So, I have questions for you. That's right, you, or at least half of the message boards boards with the boner over Mario Williams. What happens if we get him and he doesn't pan out? What happens if we get him and he becomes seriously injury prone? Does the franchise get set back by years?

What happens if we let Abe and Lofton walk and the only people we have to fill in their shoes are the same guys with the exception of a few linemen (Grubbs, Nicks, Gaither anyone?). What happens if Dirk Koetter of MM 2.0?

What happens if Nolan can't-LOL, JK.

I know I'm sounding all doom and gloom, but I'm so tired of being hurt, getting my hopes up only to be destroyed by this team and knowing that no one in the league takes us as playoff contenders, let along top-of-the-division contenders. If we do get a big-time free agent and he turns out to be Dunta/Edwards 2.0 I am going to be completely let down and disappointed. I might just flat out give up hope until we get our **** together. Because my poor ol' heart can't take it anymore. Better luck next year isn't good enough for me. It's driving me mad.

On the bright side, if they do pan out and we beat the Saints I will be the happiest man alive. Period. No questions asked. But with the Bears, Lions, Saints, Packers, Panthers, 49ers, possibly Cardinals/Seahawks/Redskins on the rise I just can't seem to picture the Falcons in that picture.

People just flat out forget to mention us most of the time..

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