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G-Dawg Free Agency Prediction: Falcons Messageboard Will ***crash*** In 1 Hour


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D. Orlando Ledbetter ‏ @AJCFalcons Close

"@Mack1124: @AJCFalcons - #FALCONS are to quiet. Have you heard anything."<-- Something is going down. Haven't figured it out yet.

You know when Ledbetter will figure it out? When Glazer or Scheffter makes the Falcons announcement......LMAO - Ledbetter is a JOKE!!!

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If "ANYTHING" i'd like to see us make a deal with Kellen Davis! I'm not gonna trick myself into thinking we can acquire the services of Nicks or Mario... It's just not practical IMO! We got our superstar splashmove in last yrs. draft! If i wanted Nicks or Mario i would have only re-sighned Grimes , Lofton & Abraham then sent the other bunch of goofballs packin!!!

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