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Not Looking To Have Great Draft

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So something has to happen in the FA. Where we sit, pass rushers that will amount to anything I believe will elude us. OT's won't be that great. We have drafted a few OG's the past few years.

You have some explosive players in the draft, but TD likes to get cute with his drafting. Even moving up to get a monster WR was good to me, but won't happen this year.

If we stand pat, even with Nolan, we will be about the same without Abe.

Don't kid yourselves, something HAS to happen and today because most of the best players on the FA list will be gone and gone again.

The only FA defensive end I have really been hearing about is Mark Anderson. That's not good. Still get Anthony Collins on the cheap. Still need to look at Center as well, so...

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Guest Gritz

They don't need a better draft. They are already elite.

Exactly. We're the ones chasing them last time I looked.

If they essentially stay the same and we do also then they are still on top of us.

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Say what you like about the draft, Rounds two and three are on friday night, i have a number of football people getting together for wings and beverages. I am excited to see what we do with those picks... TD is ok in drafting in the first round but does really well as far as im concerned in the second and third... All in all, a great time will be had...

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