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Here Is To Hoping 4Pm Brings A Swtich To The 3-4, And The 4-3 Talk Was All Smoke


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While everyone is waiting for ATL to push for Mario Williams as the 4-3 RE, I am hoping it is a big smoke screen, and this team is going to the 3-4 which Nolan has a MUCH better track record running.

think about it.....

Vance Walker, a good 4-3 DT was not tendered

Kroy Beirmann, an athletic 4-3 end, who many saw as a 3-4 OLB made a priority

UFA starts.....ATL signs:

Paul Soliai - NT

Kendall Langford - LE

Lofton - ILB

trade or cut Babineaux to save cap space (4.5MM)

this gives us this front 7, with room in UFA to make more moves:

RE - Peters/Edwards

NT - Solia/Peters

LE - Langford/Jerry (gotta put him somehwere)

OLB - Weatherspoon/rookie/Matthews

ILB - Totupu/Dent

ILB - Lofton/Adkins

OLB - Beirmann/Sidbury

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i wouldn't complain one bit if it went down that way, and i agree the multi-look hybrid is key.

EDIT: but who else would put their hands in the dirt at RE & LE in the 4-3 look? Biermann, Matthews, Edwards, Sid? i could live with that now that i think about it.

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