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John Clayton Says We Are In Play For Williams


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this was posted as of today

3. Mario mania: The top free agent on defense is Texans defensive end Mario Williams. The debate is whether 3-4 teams are willing to meet the price demands that work. Williams is the biggest name on defense to hit the market since Julius Peppers. The Atlanta Falcons and Seahawks will be the most likely 4-3 teams to get into the mix, but the price could go as high as $15 million a year. Williams offers a team a pass-rusher who is good enough to get 12 to 16 sacks a season. Because the top of the draft isn't loaded with top pass-rushers, the race to get Williams will be intense. Teams using 3-4 defenses will look at the five games he played in that scheme last season to determine if they can justify such an expense

for what its worth, I cant imagine the whole off-season talk about re-evaluating the whole team, and making the playoffs isnt good enough anymore, .....I dont see us just standing pat,I'm not saying we are going to get Williams, but we will make some big moves

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The 15 million a year thing and the fact that numerous other teams are in the mix makes some people think we won't make a play. Even if we don't get him, you can be sure there are several contingency plans in place to move forward in another direction. But let's not think that we aren't making a SERIOUS SERIOUS push to at least try to obtain his services.

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Looks like Houston is restructuring everyone they can to keep him...

Maybe...but word on the street is they may be quietly considering Manning (which seems absurd since Shaubby is still their QB) No link but heard on one of the local sports radio stations this morning or last night.

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you usually schedule 1st visit to team your most interested in

Turner - visited us right away signed

Dunta - visit us first signed

so word got back to Mario were not interested or he is not to come here

Doesn't mean hes going to sign with Bills, he wants to win and its not going to happen in Buffalo.

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