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Mike And Mike Say Everything Points To The Mario Going To The Bears.

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Mike Greenberg covered the Bears for years before joining ESPN.

He pretty much says every big name free agent is going to Bears or his favorite team the Jets.

Disregard anything Greeny says concerning free agents. He simply talks about his favorite 2 teams, just like fans do. He is far from being insider type reporter of Chris Mortensen or John Clayton variety.

Highly doubt Mario Williams goes to Bears.

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Reports are all over saying the Bears are going to make a huge push for Williams. They have a lot more cap room than the Falcons do, and offer him the opportunity to play opposite Julius Peppers. Talk about a tandem...

i never thought there would be a DE group better than JPP-Osi-Tuck in this league, but that will change if Mario goes to Chicago

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I been saying maybe the bears for weeks. they have tons of cap room.

JAX is another team I could see opening the wallet for Mario. They only mustered up 30 sacks last season, so they need a pass rusher big time.

And I Still think HOU is going to find a way to keep him, even though it doesnt make sense for them to spend the $$ on him, especially not if it meant losing one of the top RT in the NFL. I dont know who they have behind him on the roster, but it must be someone they like.

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