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How We Can Make One Last Push At Mario.


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Assuming the 5.7m under report is true, we still have a good shot of landing Mario, in my opinion.

+1.6m due to the Washington/Dallas scandal.

+2m for cutting Baker

+2m for cutting Ovie (sorry Ovie!)

+5m for Ryan restructure (which means an extension)

+3m for a long term Grimes deal

These aren't exact figures, but it's just proving a point that the 5.7m isn't really what it seems. I have faith in TD to make these moves, well at least some of them, to put us around 19m under the cap, as we initially thought we were.

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I would'nt sweat this to much I am resigned to the fact if he wants to be here the FO will make it happen to me its all on AB he's the guy that has to folk out the $$$$$ to get him here if he has said guys ie TD MS I want MW go get him it will be so but I'll take the wait and see line here 24 hours to go and all will be revealed.

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