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Kendall Langford For Babs? It Makes A Lot Of Sense

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I think I may of just put two and two together that Babs could get cut today(I'm probably a little late on this one) And Replaced by Kendall Lanford tomorrow it kind of makes sense as it would allow the Falcons to free up 5 mil and then structure Lanfords deal to be cap friendly this season . But the only problem I would have with this would be that even though from a stats stand point Babs numbers have gone down he still last season and the year before was up there for DT's in pressures and Nolan would really be the only one that would know if Lanford could fill the hole babs would leave.

But look at it another way as Lanford can also play DE in a 3-4 I'm not as sure Babs would have a lot of sucess in a 3-4 as a DE because for one he's already a under sized DT in a 4-3 and he would just get bullyed out on the edge at DE and the one thing TD is always saying is he loves speed and versatility and Lanford would bring versatility to this hybird 4-3 3-4 defense Nolan wants to run and kind of on another subject thats why Lofton may be on his way out because Tulupa is a much better fit as a ILB in a 3-4 than lofton he can cover better and if healthy is more like Sean Weatherspoon were he can also cover more ground to but thats all asumming Tulupa is fully healthy and its not like he's 33 like mike peterson was he's only 29.

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Babs has been great. i don't want us to discount what he has done. He also is the only def lineman that demanded a double team on all his snaps last year. I think there is still some tread on that tire.

I totally agree with you but my thinking is babs will be over paid in a hybird 3-4 4-3 defense as he can't play the de spot in 3-4 sets and we may switch to 3-4 all togetter by next year. I think thats why Nolans also see's Lofton as a 2 down LB in his system(3-4)

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