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Harry Douglas

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I'd rather have Eddie Royal he may cost a little more but is younger but if we either bring back Harry sign Eddie or fill the need in the 2nd I don't see TD letting the spot go unfilled

And I'd like to get harry for 2 years 6 mil thats not happening because heck Beariman got 3 for 9 and somthing like that would be a starting point.

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I would be shocked if he's signed before testing the market. He'll prob check out his options, and maybe (like snelling l/y) realize that his place is in ATL. If I were him I'd take a risk on signing a one year deal and seeing how I fit in the new offensive scheme. If he can have a big year this year, his value is going to skyrocket come next offseason. Of course the risk is him having another "non-impact" season and being a year older and having no added value. IMO though it would be worth the risk. He catches 50-60 balls for 700ish yds w/5 tds he'll be in line for a nice contract... Right now he's looking like more of a luxury signing, IMO he only resigns if there isn't a much better option, I don't think he'll make a lateral move.

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If he tests the market he probably wont be back. If we are getting ready to make a splash (which it appears we are), then money when it starts to go will go fast. Those waiting to test the market and return might find they cant return because we have no money left.

HD will land a job, but in what aspect or in what role? If he is gonna be the 3rd guy out on another team, he might as well stay. He might get a #2 spot on a very bad team and that may only last a year or 2 before they ruin his career.

I like HD and value his play, but if Jones gets hurt or White gets hurt he has proved he can step in for us and be productive. He has that burst speed to take off and thats something we will miss. e adds that special depth on our charts that is very hard to replace.

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