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Let's Stop Kidding Ourseleves Thinking We Don't Need Mario Williams


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Listen if we think that we will be fine without MW we crazy. I don't care about his injury history and there are many players with playmaking abilities that have seen the bench a time or two. Troy from the Steelers is one of my favorite players and I'm a Falcons fan to the core but this dude makes game changing plays when he is on the field and that is worth the money.

I don't care what MW is worth it is within our best interests to pursue and if we don't than we all need to be concerned. If they can't simply afford him than that is one thing but they would want to especially after they are letting Lofton and Abe walk not to mention restructuring Dunta's contract.

Say what we will but we would have to be stupid not to join the MW sweepstakes.

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If medically he checks out, absolutely agree. He's an uber-talented guy. But back to his injury history he missed a grand total of 3 games in 2010; and then of course he got hurt last year. But 5 sacks in 5 games in a brand new scheme as an OLB for the first time in his career? Wow!

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What the real need is a very much improved pass rush.

Will MW help in acheiving that. YES

Is he the only way to achieve tha NO

Is he the most economical way to help in making a good improvement to the pass rush PROBABLY

Is he the last piece of the puzzle NO

You are combining Need and Solution into 1 thing they are 2 seperate things

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