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2013- The Acc Has The Best Set Of Qb Prospects I Have Ever Seen From A Conference.

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There are five QB's with potential 1st round grades in 2013.

E.J. Manuel is the most talented of the bunch.

Lance Thomas has all the tools, he just needs consistency. He could be a better prospect next year than Josh Freeman was when he entered.

Tahj Boyd has a lot of Aaron Rodgers traits, he needs to put it all together. The weapons he has in 2013 will be ample. Their coaching isn't great thought.

Mike Glennon has all of the tools and is a decent athlete. The best pro prospect from NC State since Phillip Rivers.

Just a conference to watch for. The SEC has three potential #1 round grade QB's. Murray, Bray, and Mettenberger. No question Mettenberger might not even have a 7th round grade but from his JUCO experience, I feel the potential is there.

Big Ten has no one this year. Their best player is clearly Denard Robinson then Braxton Miller.

Big XII has one potential #1 round grade QB and that's Landry Jones.

Pac 12 has two potential #1 round grade QB and that's Matt Barkley and Keith Price.

The talent at QB in 2012 looks really good. It will be nice to see if they reach their potential. Most of them probably won't but it's still something to look at. The last conference who had as much talented at QB as the ACC next year was the Big XII when they had McCoy, Bradford, young RGIII, Gabbert, and that TT QB with a weak arm.

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For Gods sake don't take this topic over to the TAFB as they are going crazy over DD. Any percieved slight against him will bring wrath. About 50% of that board is ready to jump ship if he doesn't make the team.

I admit. i'm impressed by DD and hope he makes the team. But the love afair over a undrafted back-up who has played mop-up in 3 preseason games is amazing even for that board.

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Manuel and Boyd have brought it.

Top 3 QB's nationally and NFL prospects.

Reefee has been a beast for Duke. Watch for him.

Glennon done well given his personnel.

Thomas hasn't made the expected improvement. Disappointment.

The SEC QB's are looking good. Tyler Wilson hasn't impressed me like Logan Thomas. Bray and McCarron look like some 1st and 2nd round prospects.

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