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Falcons Have A Mlb That Can Actually Provide Pass Coverage! Check This Out

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With a CAPITAL S.....

may just be a hunch but i think smitty and DT have a better idea about tatupus capability than you. i know im going out on a limb here but i trust their assessment more than yours. the only pob i have with him is staying healthy. i think our fan base greatly overrates lofton he whiffed on his share of tackles, by his own admission in an interview before last season started. people dont think about this cuz they just look at his tackle numbers but a MLB is always gonna have big tackle numbers. even pile jumper had big tackle numbers and he was mocked relentlessly here.

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I want to be the first to say that if this means the end of Curtis Lofton in the Falcons uniform(most likely is) he will be missed. I've been a huge 50 supporter since Goodell called his name back in 2008.

If Lofa is healthy this could be a huge signing. Hopefully this year off has helped him recover and he's ready to go. Reports are he looked really good in the workouts he had for the Falcons.

But anyway when Lofa was healthy he was excellent as both a run defender and dropping back in pass coverage. He was a leader on the Seahawks defense and was voted to 3 Probowls in 5 years with the Hawks and was named an All Pro in 2007. I'm not saying he's that guy any more, because obviously players wear down with age. But if he can be somewhat close the TD could have found a gem.

Most of the veterans that he has brought in over the past years have panned out. Hayden, Foxxworth, Sanders, and Peterson. I'm not talking about the high profile guys like Robinson and Edwards, although I think under a compitent DC they will improve.


I think loofahs are cool, and "lofa" sounds like "loofah", so I am most certainly on board.

On another note,

oh aj feeley... you would be the one to throw THREE ints to the same person, an LB no less. smh

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WLB-Weatherspoon, Adkins

MLB-Tatupu, Dent

SLB-Nicholas, _______

OLB-Biermann, Sidbury

ILB-Tatupu, Dent

ILB-Weatherspoon, Nicholas, Adkins

OLB-Edwards, Mattthews

Possible we could look for a SLB who could challenge Nicholas, or even a WLB since Weatherspoon can play either. I think SLB candidates transition to ILB for Nolan's 3-4 looks better though.

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Let's hope we all aren't lamenting this next January watching our starting MLB playing lights out deep in the playoffs wearing other colors. Curtis is a stud in the middle, as tough as anyone in the NfL, top 5 MLB in tackles every year, yet overlooked because of his low key personality. I understand the thinking behind thIs move.....but I'll cut Kroy "the non factor" Bierman, and Thomas "where am I" Decoud every day and twice on Sunday, both VERY replaceable, and make numbers work, before Lofton.

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I think we all would like to keep Lofton if possible, but just about everyone agrees that he's commanding more than what the Falcons feel like they can pay. The Falcons drafted him & I'm sure they offered him at least what they believed was fair market value, so they want him. If all he wants is the money, then he has that right, but why not take a little less to help build a solid franchise, he'll still get paid & be apart of taking this franchise to the Super Bowl, If he wants 2 or 3mil more to play for a losing team then he'll get that, but at what cost? I think signing Tatupu was more an inexpensive move to cover their bases than anything definetive about Lofton. I think the Falcons will continue to try to come to terms with Lofton, but they have to be prepared to move on & Lofton needs to see that also. I like the move in the short term.

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