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Drew Brees Addresses The Fans


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Did you even read his statement?

He's denying nothing in regards to what's been admitted... paying for big hits, ints, & fumble recoveries. He's specifically referring to intentionally injuring players. And the Saints very unlikely referred to any of this as "bounties". Those are the NFL Security's words and allegations.

Not only would it be near impossible to prove intent to injury anyway in this sport... the results of 3 years of games don't back any of it up.

0 cart offs to offensive players. 18 total injuries. 1 which drew a flag, but no fine.

I'll compare to the Falcons since we're on the Falcons' board....

0 cart offs to offensive players in 3 years. 29 total injuries. 2 that were flagged, both receiving fines (25k & 40k).

And of course after the second fine, Mike Smith said "That's the way we teach it."

From the original article about bountygate on NFL.com:

"....After a lengthy investigation conducted by the NFL's security department, the league announced Friday that 22 to 27 defensive players on the New Orleans Saints maintained a "pay for performance" program that included "bounty" payments administered by then-defensive coordinator Gregg Williams during the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons.

The program runs in violation of league rules, and the investigation showed that Saints players received $1,500 for a "knockout" hit and $1,000 for a "cart-off" hit, with payouts doubling or tripling during the team's three playoff appearances.

A memo sent to clubs throughout the league included a statement on how Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma put up $10,000 cash as a bounty before a playoff game, a source familiar with the memo told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora...."

Lengthy investigation,,, Saints maintained ...knockout...cart-off...Vilma put up $10,000 cash as a bounty.... Saints aren't in trouble because they had a "pay-for performance" program- they're in trouble because it included paying for injuries.

This is what Williams admitted to- paying for players to injure opposing players. The League stated there was a bounty program and Williams confirmed it.

Again, the NFL would never take the PR hit about a story like this without being sure of their facts. Nobody is going to jail over this, but several players will be suspended, Loomis, Payton & Williams will be lucky to have jobs next year, Saints will be minus draft picks.

You don't have to believe me, we'll know soon enough.

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HC and GM didn't admit to anything just apologized for it happening on their watch.

Good point! Even though they have emails showing a criminal was willing to pitch in for the bounty that directly implicated Payton, he still hasn't admitted he knew. I was trying to Payton the benefit of doubt, but thank you for clearing that up for me.

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Of course not, but it does show what the readers think about Brees not knowing anything.

What do you think? Think Brees knew nothing about the bounties?

I disregard the PFT polls when I routinely see people like Paulidik posting in the replies...

I already stated I believe Brees.

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Are you and the other's really that naive? of course HE DOESN'T GET INVOLVED WITH THE DEFENSE but I guarantee Breesus knew about it. He may not of liked it either but he wasn't going to stop it!

OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!! rolleyes.gif

Quit your ******* whining! The man is twice the quarterback than Ryan will ever be and that drives you nuts.

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