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Colts Cleaning House... Dallas Clark And Melvin Bullet


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If Bullitt is healthy and is happy to:

- play for the minimum or very close to it

- have little chance at a starting gig barring injury

- lay some wood on special teams

then sure, sign him up. But I would have thought he'd go somewhere he could at least compete for a job.

I'd be astonished if Dallas Clark was even discussed perfunctorily as an option - he's not an on-the-line TE, he's 32 and he's had less than 750 receiving yards in two years combined despite almost always being out on a route. He'll either go with Manning or get paid off name recognition elsewhere.

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It's going to be an interesting offseason for the colts. They have alot of holes to fill and a tough division to compete in next year. Texans could well dominate the afc south the next few years. In terms of Bullitt and Clark, they were released for a good reason! Clark is getting old and struggles to stay healthy and Bullitt has barely played the last 2 seasons. Don't bring them home TD!!!

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