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If Dimitroff Was Omniscient

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Imagine this roster - we could have had it using only our draft picks, 3 UDFAs each year, 4 players who were on the roster when he arrived, and 1 free agent:

QB: Matt Ryan, Brian Hoyer, Joe Webb

RB: Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster, Mike Tolbert, Bruce Miller (FB)

WR: Roddy White, Victor Cruz, Antonio Brown, Davone Bess, Doug Baldwin

TE: Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Jake Ballard

OT: Demetrius Bell, Tyson Clabo, J'Marcus Webb, Marshall Newhouse

IOL: Carl Nicks, Todd McClure, Josh Sitton, Maurice Hart, Bill Nagy

--- (3-4 defense)---

DE: Calais Campbell, Cullen Jenkins, Pernell McPhee, Brandon Deaderick, Ricky Jean Francois

NT: Athyba Rubin, Chris Nield

OLB: Clay Matthews, Aldon Smith, Cliff Avril, Lawrence Sidbury

ILB: Navarro Bowman, David Hawthorne, Jovan Belcher, KJ Wright

CB: Brent Grimes, Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Jason McCourty, Sam Shields, Jacob Lacey

S: William Moore, Kam Chancellor, Glover Quinn, Devin Holland

ST: Thomas Morstead (P), Dan Carpenter (K), Marc Mariani (KR/PR), Christian Yount (LS)

18 Pro Bowlers - not bad considering 48 of them have been in the league four years or fewer.


If only any GM could really draft this well...but at least it puts the importance of free agency relative to the draft in perspective. I better Arthur Blank would like it too, as we would have had a payroll of about $50m in 2011.

See post below if you want the full breakdown.

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Players retained:Roddy White, Tyson Clabo, Todd McClure, Brent Grimes

Free Agent:Cullen Jenkins (5 years, $25 million)

Number of selections identical to TD's: 3 - Ryan, Moore, Sidbury

2008 Draft

No Trade Up With Washington

3- Matt Ryan

34 - Brandon Flowers

37 - Calais Campbell

48 - Jamaal Charles

68 - Cliff Avril

98 - Carl Nicks

104 - Josh Sitton

138 - Brandon Carr

172 - Athyba Rubin

212 - Demetrius Bell

232 - Mike Tolbert

UDFA - David Hawthorne

UDFA - Davone Bess

UDFA - Dan Carpenter

2009 Draft

24 - Clay Matthews

55 - William Moore

90 - Glover Quin

125 - Lawrence Sidbury

138 - Ricky Jean Francois

156 - Thomas Morstead

176 - Jason McCourty

210 - Arian Foster

UDFA - Jovan Belcher

UDFA - Brian Hoyer

UDFA - Jacob Lacey

2010 Draft

No Gonzalez Trade (keep 2nd)

19 - Rob Gronkowski

50 - Navarro Bowman

83 - Jimmy Graham

98 - Kam Chancellor

117- Marshall Newhouse

149 - Antonio Brown

165 - Joe Webb

171 - Marc Mariani

189 - J'Marcus Webb

226 - Brandon Deaderick

UDFA - Sam Shields

UDFA - Jake Ballard

UDFA - Victor Cruz

2011 Draft

Keep trade to #6 - no other trades

6 - Aldon Smith

91 - KJ Wright

158 - Pernell McPhee

192 - Bruce Miller

210 - Maurice Hart

229 - Bill Nagy

230 - Chris Nield

UDFA - Doug Baldwin

UDFA - Devin Holland

UDFA - Christian Yount

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you do realize u can basically do that with any GM, so whats yer point?

There's no point really - I started looking at it because the 2009 draft is often criticized but there wan't much talent there and two picks are identical.

I was also wondering about the effect of a large trade up and whether it could ever be justified.

Finally, I just wanted to see how strong a team you could make without using FA at all (I ended up using one, but that was the original premise)

I agree, you could conduct this hypothetical exercise with any GM and the results (and indeed the team) would be about the same. There would be changes - any team with a top 15 pick in 2010 would probably build a 4-3 D around Pierre-Paul, Atkins and Avril; certain teams would keep their QB or select Flacco as they don't have a top 3 pick in 2008 - but there would be a lot of common ground with Cruz, Nicks, Foster, Rubin, Hawthorne etc.


If you aren't interested, no need to read. In no way is it a criticism or support of any strategy, personnel or front office staff - it's just a piece of research that I thought some people might be interested in.

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The biggest problem with this is that the players may not have developed the same here as they did in other places. It could be coaching, locker room environment, night life, any myriad of reasons. Even with the greatest of players there is some element of luck & circumstances that made them great. What if Bledsoe had not torn up his knee & Brady came in to finish the season for him? Would it be the same there if Brady didn't see the field for 2 more seasons? A lot of players get smothered out of position by the team that drafts them. Maybe they would be an excellent 3-4 OLB, but they were drafted by a 4-3 team and they are struggling to adapt. Or as a UDFA, you tend to get buried on depth charts behind guys who are not as good, but have some level of a guaranteed deal. It can take several years to finally make it, if they ever do.

I just don't think hindsight is 20/20 when it comes to players because there are too many other variables involved. It's the reason why a player may be really good on one team & then sign a FA contract to another & he doesn't perform nearly as well. Many people chalk it up to getting lazy after their payday, but almost as often it's that the change wasn't good for the player.

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Good post and I like it. Hindsight is always 20/20 and this reminds me of that show on NFLN of the best players not drafted. I think it boils down to NFL scouting more than anything as it is league wide.

Maybe scouts become weather men when they retire.

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